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作为我真正工作的一部分,I got the chance to meet杰姆斯杜干a few weeks ago at a breakfast withCoYo.He's the new face of the deliciously creamy coconut yogurt that's dairy and gluten free!!

我有机会问他一些关于清瘦饮食的问题,必威betwayeating as an athlete,你将有机会赢得两本清洁瘦肉食谱中的一本!!

James's book shows you how to get ‘Clean' by following a flexible 14-day detox and eating plan,and then how to get ‘Lean' by honing your body with exercises to get results.

Why did you start Clean and Lean??

“我开始清洁和瘦身以接触更多的人。清洁和精益是一种改变生活的理念,不仅有效,but is achievable for everyone.我们为能够帮助全世界1000多人改变他们的身体和生活而感到骄傲。”

What tips would you give to people just starting out on the Clean and Lean diet,or starting to healthy eating??

That any transformation that happens to your body begins by happening in your head.To do this,understand that you deserve to feel good and that shame and feeling guilty doesn't work for anyone.做些小改动。Often people go for the all or nothing approach which can be unsustainable.Pick 2-3 a week to change and stick to it.早餐是一个很好的开始。Eat some healthy fats and protein to set yourself up for a Clean and Lean day!'

Can people adopt aspects of the Clean and Lean diet without going the whole way if it seems too extreme for them??

是的,这是一个很好的开始方式。Switching from milk chocolate to dark chocolate,or white bread for rye bread- these small changes begin to make you feel better.'

I suffered from terrible headaches when I tried the Clean and Lean diet,is there any way of stopping this??

‘Yes,ensuring you nourish your body with plenty of nutrients to help support your body to detox.Drink plenty of water,add more fibre to your diet from foods such as flax seeds or our product,终极清洁。也,确保你每顿饭都吃一些健康的脂肪,这样你就不会感到疲劳;鳄梨,fish oil or coconut yogurt are all great sources.放弃糖或咖啡因会引起头痛和能量下降。Supporting your body with healthy sugars from foods,比如蓝莓,是缓解这些症状的好方法。如果放弃咖啡太多,try cutting back to one a day sprinkled with cinnamon to help regulate blood sugar levels.'

清洁和瘦身的饮食如何使你成为一个更好的运动员?And how important is nutrition as part of training??

‘A healthy body is a strong body.当我们健康的时候,我们的身体炎症较少,训练后会引起疼痛。Ensuring we have adequate protein boosts our lean muscle mass,developing a long,健美身材。

外出吃饭通常是节食的时候,how do you tackle eating out??

“在餐馆里吃干净和瘦的东西很容易,and one of my favourite ways of spending time with my wife and baby daughter.Choose some form of protein with greens,and some Clean and Lean carbs- this can be egg,chicken or steak with something like asparagus,broccoli,or sweet potato.Stay away from foods with hidden sugars like sauces and dressings.现在Kindle上提供了清洁和瘦身功能,这使它成为一个很好的工具,当你外出吃饭时,可以随身携带,为你提供关于更健康菜单选择的建议。

I'll be using CoYo in some upcoming recipes so watch out for them!I was actually really impressed with the flavour and texture of CoYo- it definitely didn't taste like a health food!!

为了有机会赢得两本清洁瘦肉食谱中的一本,tell me what your favourite ‘health' food that doesn't taste like a ‘health' food is…

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  1. 6th November 2013 / 9:56 am

    Hi I think my favourite health food that doesn't taste like health food would be the avocado brownies I made recently.No Butter,No Sugar,黑可可粉,Avos和磨碎的杏仁做了一个美味的软糖布朗尼,尝起来很调皮,但富含健康的脂肪!!

  2. 6th November 2013 / 9:56 am

    I liked on Facebook too 😀

  3. 2013年11月6日/下午12:50

    I absolutely love Coyo.生巧克力是我的最爱!这样款待!!

  4. 2013年11月6日/9:26 PM

    我最喜欢的不象健康食品的健康食品可能是Chia Seeds,I love them in my overnight oats,and they help to keep me so full!!

  5. KW
    6th November 2013 / 11:38 pm

    我用黑巧克力片和太阳黄油做了甘薯香蕉片。It's a great sweet treat that helps during long work days,but doesn't add so many calories.

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    And I follow you on Instagram!!

  10. 9th November 2013 / 7:59 pm

    I like to add cinnamon to food instead of sugar.它立刻尝起来很调皮,但没有任何的恶心。

  11. Dawn
    13th November 2013 / 6:37 pm

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