New York City Marathon Race Recap

这将是一篇关于纽约厘米的长文章(可能不是最后一篇)。必威betway如此道歉,and thanks in advance for indulging me!!

After a night of little sleep- waking up every hour to check I hadn't missed my alarm/the start of the race,我早上5点起床,穿上我的马拉松装备,前往酒店大堂。The less than helpful concierge the night before had suggested that ‘I would just have to wait for breakfast to open at 7' and that it's OK ‘because runners shouldn't eat before the marathon anyway',erm,正确的。I managed to buy a coffee,bagel,banana and some pretzels at the shop in our hotel and got a cab to another hotel where the bus would be leaving from.

The buses took us over the Verazzano-Narrows bridge,which we would shortly be 必威官网running over.I think the buses leave earlier than the ferries,due to the closure of the bridge,which meant that I had nearly 2 hours to kill in the start village.There was a lot of security,with bag checks,body searches and confiscation of oversized items such as sleeping bags.It was a freezing morning,我非常高兴我的一次性的衣服,despite looking like a hobo.I was even laughed at in the queue for the portaloos for my dressing gown- by a man wearing a bin bag…

佐伊and I managed to meet up and huddle together and try to keep warm.在又一次参观门户之后,we made our way to the corrals.第二波始于10.05,with corrals closing strictly at 9.35 (if you missed this,you had to go back a wave!)你可以回到畜栏里,but not forward,and our bibs were closely checked.There are loos in the corrals though,and a bit of room to strip off your layers,apply body glide,and nervously pace 必威betwayabout.

Whilst in our corrals,we heard the National Anthem,and start of wave 1.Then it was our turn to remove our layers and walk towards the start line.For our start,Miss New York sang ‘America the Beautiful',在听《纽约》之前,纽约,让纽约马拉松选手越过起跑线的著名歌曲。It was quite emotional,and the realisation that we were 必威betwayabout to run one of the most famous marathons in the world set in.We had both put 4hr finishes as our predicted time,so we were in quite a fast start,and Zoe decided to start a little further back,别跑得太快。

I shed my jumper (and almost instantly regretted it) and walked forwards to cross the start line.The first mile is along the bridge,都有点倾斜。风呼啸着穿过桥,我冷极了!Gia had sent over a pace plan for the race,建议前10英里坚持9.50分钟。Going over the bridge in a pack of runners with a strong wind felt really slow,每次我看到我的Garmin,it was registering a 10 plus min mile.I decided right then to stop looking obsessively at my watch,and try to run on feel for the first few miles,and get into my stride.

The course gets harder as you go,所以我知道我的上半场比赛可能会比下半场起伏的山丘更快。我也知道如果我出去的太快,我可能会撞到墙上,就像我在伦敦一样。


First 5K- average 9.19 pace

The crowds started to build after the 3 mile marker,and this really pushed me onwards.I had written my name on my top,我喜欢听到人们为我加油!我跑步时没有必威官网音乐,在人群中,当然,感觉真好。我的脚也终于解冻了-不确定这是好事还是坏事!!

I took my first Gu gel at mile 5,and couldn't believe it had come so soon.我拿着一个手必威官网持瓶子跑步,so could skip through the water stations early on in the race,with the plan to fill up when I needed later on.

10K- 9.15 average pace

在人群的支持下,我在接下来的3英里内加快了一点速度,能量凝胶。I remember going through the 10K and thinking,whoah this is kind of fast,but I still felt great,and knew that time banked now would mean extra time I could take on the hills later.(所以,not following Gia's advice,或者其他马拉松运动员的建议,ever,well done me.)

I cruised through the next few miles,sticking to the right hand side of the course,我知道我父母在9英里处,with Union Jack balloons!I really recommend 必威官网running to one side,there is so much more support for the runners at the side of the road,而不是在中间,我也没有觉得路拱太差。

I saw my parents and felt great- the balloons were such an brilliant idea,I could see them from quite a distance.Plus my Mum said that lots of Brits going past whooped at them!!

Mile 8- 9.14
Mile 9- 9.15
Mile 10- 9.15


Took another Gu gel at mile 10,仍然感觉很棒。During these miles you run through the Orthodox Jewish area,这是出了名的安静。It was a real boost to leave that area and enter Brooklyn where the support was amazing!!

Mile 11-9.17

I was slowing down ever so slightly over these next few miles,但不多!I ran through the half way point,注意到我已经跨过了我有史以来第二快的一半!2.02.05.这时我开始有点担心我出门太快了。虽然比我的半程马拉松PB慢10分钟,it's still 必威betwayabout 10 mins faster than I should have crossed the halfway point at!!

I saw my parents again around this point,although I only just spotted them.他们搬到了路的另一边!!It makes such a difference having supporters along the way,hearing songs that remind you of friends,signs that make you laugh,and people cheering your name.我的一个观察是在跑步过程中,当我微笑的时候,我得到的欢呼比我不微笑的时候更多——而欢呼让你笑得更灿烂!!!

第13英里在普拉斯基桥上让我们上了一个斜坡,这是下半场许多人中的第一个。We were treated to an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline as we crossed,which slightly made up for the hill.

Mile 14 is through Queens,and the crowds are brilliant.It psychs you up for the slog of the mile uphill over the bridge at mile 15.
Mile 14-9.20

The Queensborough bridge started earlier than I was expecting,and it was looong.I saw a guy with a t-shirt from the Back to the Stadium 5 miler I'd done over the summer,so ran up to him and tried to say ‘this is much hillier than London',让我们的精神振作起来。However,他向我咕哝了一声,低下了头。I took a Gu on the bridge,试着想想快乐的想法,保持平稳的步伐。As bad as the hill was,I knew that there was going to be a huge amount of support from the crowd along First Avenue when we reached it,我等不及了!!!

我们绕过桥拐角时的喧闹声和人群并没有让人失望。They were 3-4 deep along the roads,with banners,signs and music.我能看到成千上万的跑步者跑在我前面,and I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed to be part of something so huge.我们已经过了一半,但心理和身体的斗争才刚刚开始。


Tom and his family were just after mile 18,on the right hand side.They were standing on the road,在观众不多的地区,so I ran over and high fived Tom before grinning and 必威官网running off.I said that it was hard but I wasn't feeling too awful!!I had planned to put my headphones in if I needed them after seeing Tom,and was really glad I'd brought them.I put on one of his playlists and the music,coupled with the great atmosphere pushed me forwards.

Mile 20-9.27

20英里是我在伦敦马拉松比赛中撞墙的地方,so I was nervous that my body and mind would fall apart at this point again,and with no艾米丽让我渡过难关-我是靠自己。I had taken a Gu gel at 19 whilst still on First Avenue,then the course had taken us up and over another bridge- Willis Avenue Bridge- to get to Mile 20.I was feeling strong,兴奋地从我的加敏身上看出,我要实现我的4.24时间目标,如果一切都按计划进行最后10公里。

英里21-9 29
Mile 22-9.29

21英里和22英里在布朗克斯,I remember some crowds and just counting down the miles,unable to believe I was so close to the finish and still feeling great.During my 22 mile training run,I hadn't felt awful at any point,我在感谢星星,,疼痛and my legs for getting me around the course feeling so strong.

And then I hit mile 23.


I knew I was seeing Tom and his family between 96th and 97th,必威betwayabout half way along.I looked up to see I was at 116th- OK only 10 streets to go until I saw them,I could do it.

Or if you're not 必威官网running a marathon,and you can correctly add,那将是20条街道。当我意识到我的错误时,我崩溃了,20条街道在斜坡上作战。在这一点上伤害很大,everything ached.I wanted to stop to walk so badly.我从远处看到汤姆的爸爸,and I lost it.我突然哭了起来。

I picked up the pace as I ran past them,知道如果我放慢速度和他们说话,我可能不会再去了。One foot in front of the other,up the hill.Then I thought of everyone following my journey,my friends that had come out 必威官网running and supported me during my training,those at home following my progress,并决定

“总有一天我做不到,today is not that day.'

Mile 23- 9.30

看着我的手表,with just over 2 miles to go,我想如果我能保持10分钟一英里的速度,我可能,也许,我可以用4.10分。这远远超出了我最狂野的梦想,但我只是去争取。我给了我的一切。我计划把我的音乐带到中央公园去,but knew that I needed it,and didn't want to waste time faffing with the headphones.

I passed a lot of people during those final two miles.Many were walking or simply slowing down- the 24 previous miles having taken their toll.Whilst 必威官网running I felt like I really upped my pace,however my splits suggest otherwise!!

Mile 24- 9.32

Coming back into Central Park (you come out for a little,then head back in) felt great and terrible at the same time.With 800 yards to go,我开始紧张地看手表。


400 yards to go and it flicked to 4.09…

200 yards….

My arms hurt so badly I could barely raise them over my head for a victorious finish line photo.


I was so thrilled,我很快就拿到了奖牌,posed for a photo then started the long walk to meet up with my parents.I rang Tom,and once again burst into tears,neither of us quite able to take in my time!My legs felt rather wobbly,so I tucked into the goody bag on the walk back,wrapped in my foil and wishing I had some more layers on!If you'd opted not to drop a bag,you were given a fleecy poncho that I was very,very glad of.As the lady wrapped it round me,我的胳膊动不了,我情绪激动,I tried to say thank you to all of the volunteers around me,知道他们的帮助使这一天如此特殊。

Thank you to my parents,Tom,他的父母,,2.09 events(cannot recommend them enough) and to all of you who have followed this journey,推动我达成目标,启发了我,run with me,我感到高兴的,最重要的是,听我的每一个无聊的训练!祝贺佐伊和她的男朋友,Darren on their new PBs!XXX


  1. 2013年11月7日上午11:09

    I almost teared up a little bit reading this!What a great race and well done for committing to taking on such a strong race.Love the recap but it's missing what delicious food you indulged in post-race!!

    • 7th November 2013 / 11:16 am

      Aww thanks!Don't you worry there is a WHOLE post dedicated to what we ate in NYC!!!

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    Amazing recap!Sounds like a tough race,but you raced it perfectly!!非常努力!!

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    That was one of the nicest marathon race recaps I've ever read..and I agree with the first comment it was a tad emotional at times esp when you mentioned seeing your family at various points as I know seeing people I love cheering along the way really helps!!Incredible time also – Huge congrats to you!& Oh…I'm curious how the ‘helpful' person at the hotel thinks people should manage to run marathons on no fuel 🙂

    • 2013年11月8日下午4:06

      我知道!She was so useless and rude (there might have been an anonymous complaint 必威betwayabout her!!)

  4. 2013年11月7日/下午2:54

    You nearly had me in tears reading this Charlie – what an amazing race you had!我在网上看了一些视频,纽约市厘米现在肯定在我的名单上了——只要我能在春天活着穿过布莱顿。


    也,those signs from the crowd – ‘Fuck yeah,Marathon!'

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    congratulations!!!!That is awesome!!!I also hit the"“墙”at mile 23…my hips and knees just started really feeling weak.Isn't it funny how you feel like you speed up in some parts then look at your splits and you actually didn't speed up at all?haha.Wasn't it an amazing day though?!?!I had a 33 min PR and am still thinking 必威betwayabout the marathon…it was just such a great race.Enjoy the new PR!=)

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