虽然我回来一个多星期了,我希望现在分享我们最近访问斯里兰卡和印度的照片和信息不会太晚。After nearly a week in Sri Lanka with my entire family of 20,we made our separate ways across the world.我的妈妈,戴夫Will和Amelia的表兄弟,还有他们的爸爸,安德鲁本应从科伦坡前往德里。令人沮丧的是,阿米莉亚和安德鲁有一些签证问题,所以我们的航班不允许。but Mum,戴夫Will and I successfully made it to India.

我们呆在The Park hotel,很好,虽然有点企业化。Our first night in India,我们都有点害怕出去吃饭。我们都同意,因为我们将在下周左右的时间里每天吃3顿咖喱饭,我们想在离家近一点的地方吃晚饭。我们选择了一家备受好评的意大利餐厅,,La Piazza at the Hyatt Regency.很好吃,只是我们作为疲惫的旅行者所需要的,虽然这不是传统的印度菜。

第二天,我们开始对我们的行程进行了一次非常深入的梳理,with the lovely trip organiser talking through everything multiple times.After our long,长时间的讨论,we met our guide,安妮塔他带我们到德里作了一次短暂的旅行。第一站,旧德里的贾玛清真寺。

It's the largest and most well-known mosque in India,庭院可容纳25人,有1000人参加祈祷。我去过很多清真寺,both in Abu Dhabi and Malaysia,这是最轻松的女性游客,必威betway而且不遮住我们的头。不过,我们还是穿上了这些迷人的花袍,and teamed with the towelling slippers,我几乎感觉自己像在温泉浴场里!!

Next,我们跳进人力车里,在旧德里拥挤的狭窄街道上兜风。这显然是感受老街的最佳方式,因为你一定沉浸在其中。The streets are too small and crowded for anything bigger than a cycle rickshaw,有几百个行人,cyclists,carts,摩托车和牛。

街道两旁都是批发布料和珠宝的商店,它们销往世界各地。as well as bookshops,汽车配件,婚纱服装店。In front of these,literally on the street,are people selling food,水果、蔬菜和服务,如洗耳朵,剃须和牙科。They have a picture of the service they are offering for those that can't read.

It was sensory overload in Old Delhi,感觉很像五颜六色,haphazard streets that I was expecting.Did you know that with a population of 16 million,德里(旧德里和新德里的结合)是印度第三大城市吗?孟买和加尔各答更大。新德里也是世界上最绿色的首都,thanks to the numerous parks and tree lined streets!!

Our third stop was to Gandhi's memorial,圣雄甘地1948年被火化的地方。据安妮塔说,我们的向导,印度教信仰转世,相信甘地最后一句话是关于上帝的,必威betwaythat he has been reincarnated as a God.我们把鞋脱了,在所有的礼拜场所,因为他们相信你的脚会有很好的震动,如果你穿鞋子的话,这种震动是不会发生的。

吃了一顿又快又好吃的午餐后,我们开车穿过城镇到胡马雍的坟墓,the tomb of the Mughal Emperor Humayan.他的坟墓是1569年建造的,是第一座建在花园里的坟墓。with the six squares of paradise complete with water features.As you can see,this impressive building is made of red sandstone,是当时最大的建筑。It also shows the attempts to build domes on the top of buildings- apparently it took them a good few years and tries to get the perfect spherical domes that top the Taj Mahal and similar structures.

在同一个建筑群里是伊萨·汗的坟墓,一位阿富汗贵族,在他还活着的时候就把他的坟墓修好了,between 1547-48.他死于15年,所有这些建筑的砖砌工作都是手工完成的,and any patterns in the marble are formed from gem stones set in to the marble.你可以通过一个简单的事实来区分印度教建筑和伊斯兰建筑的区别:伊斯兰建筑不能用任何人或动物的形象来装饰它们。

随着德里的光线逐渐消失,我们继续前进到了当天的最后一站;Qutab Minar,the world's largest brick minaret.A minaret is a tower usually attached to a Mosque,有一个阳台,可以用来祈祷。1192年开始工作,虽然1368年增加了最后一层,完成72.5米的塔架。

它刻有阿拉伯雕刻,包括古兰经中的诗句。你以前可以爬到379级台阶的顶端,但不幸的是,当它成为联合国教科文组织的世界遗产时,他们关闭了对游客的开放。建筑群周围的建筑是古瓦特乌尔伊斯兰清真寺的遗迹,built using the remains of Hindu and Jain temples that were destroyed for their materials.


我们在德里的旅行确实需要很多时间,在每辆“必看”之间开一辆小型巴士,但这确实让我们在短时间内了解了城市的概况。新德里with it's wide,tree lined streets,parks and multiple universities seemed far more modern and European (it was designed by two British architects).It sounds odd,但它比我想象的要发达得多,and Anita told us that before the Commonwealth Games in 2010 they moved a lot of the slums to outside of the city,and have built walls to contain others.I loved this scene;医院的毛巾挂在路边晾干。它们无处不在——在树上,bushes,laying on the pavements.我很想探索德里,and particularly Old Delhi in more detail if I ever have more time there.


提问时间-目的地在你的心愿单上是什么?Although mine changes frequently,Mexico is always in the top 3!!


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    Sounds like a great trip,喜欢这些照片!我在德里时在凯悦酒店的那家餐馆吃饭。

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    这看起来很神奇,我想去印度一段时间。我在南美洲旅行了近6个月,很想再回来,除此之外,我想去尼泊尔,or New Zealand.

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    非常感谢你发帖,我很喜欢看你的旅行总结。印度是我一直想去的地方,我希望有一天我能成功。I'd also love to see Paris,Cambodia and New Zealand.

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      谢谢你-我希望你能赶上,It really is amazing!!

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    Wow your pictures are absolutely amazing – I felt like I was there!我最近刚从果阿回来,但没能去德里,so it was great to see it here"近距离接触”🙂

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    Well,德里是莫卧儿王朝的首都。这就是为什么德里的大多数古代纪念碑都是在莫卧儿统治下建造的。你的博客很有趣,内容丰富。这些画很好看。For great India tour packages on affordable price visithttp://www.indiabhydroverandcar.com