Geneva Half Marathon Race Recap

Who on earth brings a cashmere jumper as their race throwaway??

这个白痴,that's who.

I'd asked Tom for a throwaway top at approximately 4.39am on Saturday morning and he produced a Tesco jumper that had huge holes in both elbows.很完美,except for the fact that it was 100% cashmere.The girls took the piss out of me a lot over the weekend (and subsequently) because of it!!

我们的早上很早就开始了,在法国面包上放些花生酱,在乘电车去比赛开始区和其他女孩见面之前。LuckilyAshley's工作宝洁是一个主要的比赛赞助商,所以我们能够使用他们的贵宾区保持温暖之前开始。It was a lot lot colder outside than any of us were expecting and I was very thankful for my cosy top!!

我不知道半程马拉松时我的腿会有什么感觉,but I wanted to stick with the girls and help pace Ashley to a 13.1 PB!!

比赛带我们穿过日内瓦周边的乡村,跑了大约6英里。It was very windy and chilly,但足够让我们不去想它。The course is rolling hills for the first few miles,在下半场变平之前。

我没有带任何水来,所以我靠在沿途的援助站——不得不停下来从杯子里喝水,在半路上拿我的胶水。Our group were still mostly together at this point,chatting as we ran.

Just after the 10K mark we seemed to re-enter Geneva city,必威官网沿着海滨奔跑。风和可怕的领带意味着我的头发在整个跑步过程中看起来完全不可接受!It also became very cold again,我开始希望我多穿几件衣服。

必威官网Running through the centre of town,we passed Jason,,利亚看到我们对他大喊大叫,她看上去有点吃惊!!

这条路线带我们穿过市中心,然后绕道穿过植物园,爬上两座卑鄙而痛苦的山丘,在回到中心之前。Ashley slowed as if to start walking up the last hill but quickly started 必威官网running again when I shouted ‘no walking' at her.劳拉和我向她保证,这是为了在比赛的最后阶段伤害你,当你试图一个铅,and that she should give it everything she had.

With no clear finish arch,we were 必威官网running at a steady pace over a bridge when suddenly we hit blue carpet marking the final 20m.I shouted at Ashley to ‘GO GO GO',我们在2.03.01冲过终点线。A brand new PB for Ashley!!(一些儿童和其他跑步者可能在这次PB尝试中被推开,但没有受到伤害)

We were met at the finishing line with water,水果和蛋糕!!(尽管劳拉和我因为吃了太多蛋糕而被训斥,在错误的地方吃-瑞士非常严格!).我们去了宝洁帐篷,买了更多的赛后用品,包括咖啡,奶酪和更多的蛋糕。我也参加了一次徒步旅行蛋白质棒that Natural Balance Foods had sent me to try- perfect fuel to aid recovery!!


and that girl keeps her word…
What a brilliant weekend with some of my favourite runner girls in Geneva,非常感谢艾希礼和波成为令人难以置信的东道主!!


  1. 8th May 2014 / 8:38 am

    恭喜所有人,她在阿什莉身上表现出色。Quick question: where did you get those amazing (compression?袜子?🙂

    • 2014年5月15日上午9:47

      They are from Pro Compression.我非常喜欢他们,and think they make a real difference with muscle soreness/recovery.

  2. KW

    Congrats on a great race!!

    • 2014年5月15日9:46点

      Thank you!!