Berlin Marathon Race Recap

I have to say the start of the Berlin marathon is very un-German.从排了一个小时的长队到厕所,the less than rigorous checking of bibs to get in the right corral (this actually worked in our favour) and having to hop a fence to finally get into the start zone,虽然它的欢闹减轻了我的一些神经。

They use previous marathon times to seed you into corrals for this race,so I was in a corral away from Loz and Ashley.However Loz and I were able to get ourselves into the F corral with relative ease (if you skip the fence jumping bit).我肯定我是一个可怕的人,在一场大比赛之前,我是一个神经束-多亏了洛兹试图让我平静下来。Quick pre-race selfie and we were off.

loz and I at start of berlin marathon

Start of the Berlin marathon

starting the berlin marathon

I was aiming to keep my splits between 8.30-8.40 however I don't know if it was my gamin that has officially given up or my legs,but my splits were all over the place!我有一段时间对自己的速度有点迷恋,然后才试着计算出5公里的数学。10公里计时器等等,用它们来确定我的目标。前几英里我感到幽闭恐惧,好像我没有足够的空间跑步,which I know is a problem in massive races.随着跑步者们在比赛中的距离越来越远,情况确实有所好转,但在选择你的比赛时,这是需要考虑的问题!必威betway!

I saw Tom,my Mum and Stepdad at the 10k point where I was feeling good still,虽然不是很神奇。I was already wishing in my head that it was a half marathon!!柏林马拉松10公里积分


The next 10k were spent thinking 必威betwayabout going strong through the 15k and 20k mats,knowing that people were following my progress around the world- which I find amazing,(谢谢)Leahfor live tweeting and for all the lovely messages I received) I was also looking forward to seeing my spectators again at 20k…

Except I didn't.Sadly the infrequent Sunday trains meant they just missed me.这是一个有点士气的敲门声,所以我把我的耳机,并启动了我的音乐。I wouldn't be seeing them again until mile 23 so I had a long way to go on my own.

21km berlin marathon

water spray berlin marathon

25K来去,当我达到27K的时候,我开始真正的受伤,并且意识到我是真的,really hot.

I got a bit of a stitch just before the 28k water station so walked through it and took on some water.我立刻感觉好多了,可以加快速度回到8.35英里。我整个身体都在受伤,所以我利用水站作为短暂的休息时间来喝水和散步,即使只是15秒。It helped to mentally break up the final 14km,我知道我在安排步行休息时间。Additionally it helped to cool me down,and quench my raging thirst- I'm not sure I've ever felt so thirsty during a race.I was literally hallucinating 必威betwayabout a full fat coke at the finish line.

I had spotted a Run Dem shirt around the 28k marker,决定用它们作为我的起搏器,他们也在穿过供水站。当他们停下来的时候,我停了下来。当他们逃跑的时候,I ran.I later found out it was Melissa who I've spoken to via twitter before- a big thank you for getting me through 28k-36k!!我不确定我在比赛中是否感到如此舒适,and never felt like I got into a rhythm like I do on training runs.在这个训练季节,我的臀大肌感觉很紧,每走一步我都会意识到。我只是觉得有点不自在,不放弃需要很大的精神力量。我的胃也感觉很奇怪,尽管回头看很傻,在19英里或22英里处,我无法面对我的凝胶,只能希望我吃的三杯足够了。

struggling at 37k in berlin marathon

smiling at 37K

看到我的家人在37公里处,我露出了我能应付的最大的微笑——这并不算什么。I was soo ready to be done.Id done some calculations and worked out that I just needed to run sub 10 min miles to finish with a sub 4.不是问题,除非你的腿感觉像铅。

我继续前进,想到家里的每个人,所有清晨的训练,速度训练和艰苦训练。不到5公里直到我再也不用跑了,曾经,如果我选择了。24英里是9.43英里,是我最慢的一英里。25 wasn't much better with a 9.27 but I kept trugging.汤姆后来告诉我,他从来没有在那个阶段看过马拉松比赛,我们都在23英里的跑道上蹒跚而行,and I can well believe him.The runners around me were in slow motion,就像我一样,just placing one foot in front of the other,愿结局来临。

Brandenbourg Tor

你拐过一个弯,勃兰登堡之门突然向你开过来——最后一段。You can practically taste the alcohol free beer they're serving at the end.

Except it's not.There's another 150m after you cross under the mighty arch.即使我被警告过,这仍然是一个残酷的笑话。

在我周围,其他跑步者正在减速,暂停手表,想知道发生了什么事。With less than 150m to go,还有一块3.48的手表——我知道它会非常接近3.50分。I gave what I thought was an all out sprint but probably looked more like a half hearted dash for a bus.

But I made it,,just.3.49.56(官方时间由Lissy发短信给我,因为我的应用程序不工作!Thank you!!)

尽管是茶点(这就是你在比赛中所说的吗?)在课程中非常出色,有非常有帮助的志愿者,他们在整饰区严重缺乏。我花了很长时间才找到水,尽管像班比一样东倒西歪,there was very little help.I never found where to remove my chip,but I did track down some beer eventually.


Overall not the race I was planning,比我希望的更不舒服,但我打破了我来这里实现的目标。必威官网跑一场PB比赛从来都不容易,要想突破,需要很大的勇气和决心。I may not be a natural runner but what I lack in physical attributes (long lean legs??) I think I more than make up for in mental strength and sheer competitiveness with myself.证明任何人都能成为跑步者。


对每个周日完成柏林马拉松的人都做得很好,particularly to those I knew on the course.我遇见了艾希礼and her husband Bo,然后我的家人去喝可乐(梦想可以成真!),a beer and the saltiest chips and schnitzel ever- perfect!!

medals with Ashley

再次感谢在训练期间和整个比赛日支持我的每一个人,your words of encouragement meant more than you know.谢谢XXX


  1. Congrats!I ran Berlin this year too and really enjoyed it.不过天气很暖和,最后我也很难找到水。从结束到现在已经很长时间了!And the end was very chaotic with finding your way out (and handing in the chips as well).And the water stations were a nightmare – cups?!Ridiculous idea.But it was such a flat course and good atmosphere around 🙂 I would do it again!!

  2. charliezbrown
    30th September 2014 / 9:33 am

    读了这篇文章,我的眼睛有点流泪了,女士!MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS!Honestly we were all there with you keeping everything crossed that you would reach your target (though we all knew you would,you speed demon you!)干得好,女士!!!Now to train me please;D!XXXXXX

    • charlotte
      30th September 2014 / 10:11 am

      Thank you!!Not sure how good a coach I'll be but I can try!xx

  3. 特里纳
    30th September 2014 / 9:34 am

    好极了,查理——你让我们都蒙羞了。想知道下一个挑战是什么?Trina x

    • charlotte
      30th September 2014 / 10:11 am

      Not a marathon for a while,这是肯定的……尽管波士顿预选赛在我的必试名单上!!

  4. 2014年9月30日/上午10:09

    Congratulations!I'm so happy you achieved your goal after all the hard work and training you'd put in 🙂 Ealing Half was pretty hot and sticky too,所以我无法想象跑两倍的距离是什么感觉-太棒了!必威官网xx

    • charlotte
      30th September 2014 / 10:11 am

      非常感谢,恭喜你的比赛!!Have you booked your next half in?xx

  5. 30th September 2014 / 10:46 am

    Well done Charlie!我对你的毅力和决心印象深刻,决心突破并打破你的目标,especially when it didn't feel easy!所以你经常读到关于人们得到PBS以及必威betwayPBS是如何容易流动的,所以我很感激你对这件事的艰难坦诚。必威betwayEnjoy the post-marathon high!!

    • charlotte

      这当然不容易,although I hope I haven't put anyone off a marathon by being a little too honest!!

  6. 2014年9月30日/上午10:59

    Congratulations!Having followed your progress through your blog I was thrilled to read that you'd hit your target.一个惊人的成就和灵感。希望你在柏林能得到适当的照顾。I look forward to reading 必威betwayabout your next challenge 🙂

    • charlotte
      1st October 2014 / 9:55 am

      Thank you so so much!Not sure what exactly the next challenge will be yet!!

  7. 30th September 2014 / 2:37 pm

    干得好,你这个超级明星!amazing pictures and amazing tired smile at the finish proudly holding your medal 🙂

  8. 2014年9月30日/下午3:14

    oh god this brought back so many memories of my mental state at the london marathon this year!马拉松是一项了不起的成就——你的时间真是太棒了!!我记得凝胶让我想吐出20毫升左右的痕迹,最终运行纯粹的精神决心!必威官网!事实上,我花了4/5个小时才想吃任何食物!!!!

    well done!!!

    kirsty x

    • charlotte
      1st October 2014 / 9:55 am


  9. 1st October 2014 / 10:34 am

    你走过了水站,仍然在3:50分完成?!?!Total superwoman!!

  10. 1st October 2014 / 11:40 pm

    你把它砸了!It was such a hot day,my water in my camelbak was gone way before the end,我身上沾满了以前从未有过的盐!I nearly missed the chip hand in at the end too,我觉得最后的结果有点混乱,不得不走一条路去拿糖果包,然后一路回去出去。Overall though,loved it,would do it again!!

  11. 2014年10月2日/下午1:02

    干得好,查理。我也觉得很艰难(肚子有点疼),很高兴看到比赛结束,但认为这是一个伟大的活动,肯定会再做一次。Plus Oktoberfest had started early!🙂

  12. 3rd October 2014 / 4:08 pm


    • charlotte
      3rd October 2014 / 4:11 pm

      对,它几乎是空的,虽然我没有完全完成。我没有提前看水站的位置,因为我不想用它们,so I didn't want to fully empty my hydration pack incase I really needed water when there wasn't a water stop!I probs had 必威betwayabout 300ml when I finished!!

  13. 2014年10月5日/7:37 PM

    Congrats on an amazing race and an incredible time!通过阿什利找到了你的博客,并且喜欢通过你的文章阅读!如果你对组织小组或班级有什么建议的话,我几周后会去伦敦工作!必威官网🙂