Things to Remember when 必威官网Running Abroad

上周末,我和一些TNR女孩一起坐在巴塞罗那附近。利亚Hen do.劳拉我俩都按计划进行了长距离的马拉松训练,在庆祝活动开始之前我们都很想离开这里,所以计划在周五早上解决18英里的问题。当我们意识到这可能是多山多热的时候,18英里很快变成了15英里!!

Things to Remember when 必威官网Running Abroad

确保 check what time the sun rises and sets.如果你在一个新的地方,尤其是如果你一个人跑步,必威官网最好避免在黑暗中奔跑。必威官网Laura and I set our alarms for 6am,直到7点20分太阳才出来——我们很快又打了30分钟的瞌睡。

带预运行食物/早餐with you,或据此计划,especially as you might not be able to find your usual brekkie at the local supermaket.我根本没想到这一点,所以劳拉带了两份粥,真是太幸运了。
尝试计划 好路线——我们的公路是一条直的下坡路,然后在第二和第三英里内有许多楼梯。We decided to play it safe for the rest of our run and completed six repeats of the promenade- so,很无聊,但至少它是平的,有轻微的海风。你也可以把它作为一个探索当地的好机会——我们在跑步时跑过无数裸体主义者的海滩,不是每天都能看到的。

Bring enough water;你不知道是否会有喷泉或商店开放,所以带足够的水和燃料。我想事后看来,劳拉带的东西不够多,在赛跑快结束时开始有点晕倒,因为我们不习惯在这么潮湿的环境中跑步。必威官网
Think 必威betwayabout the temperature and plan accordingly.我跑步时没有达到目标速度,或者更接近-由于温度的原因,我不得不放慢速度。My knee caps were dripping with sweat by the end of the run- it was so warm.
Dress appropriately,whether this is dressing for the weather,or for the local culture (covering arms/legs if you're in a Muslim country for example.) I was completely covered in sweat by the end of our run and was very glad to have been in sweat wicking material,不管怎样,我希望我戴上帽子或面罩。
A cool down is vitally important…

Don't forget to buy snacks for afterwards- refuelling is key!!

We actually stopped after 14miles (average of 9.11 pace),我们两人都在精神上和身体上完成了任务——而且我们很方便地就在家乐福超市旁边。After wandering around in the aircon for 20mins,we came out with 25 euros worth of random snacks,包括巧克力华夫饼,iced coffee and Aquarius sports drink!全力以赴!!


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    伟大的建议!I travel abroad quite a bit for my job and always try to squeeze a run in while there.It's a great way to get a feel for a place and seems to help with jet lag.

    I research runs before setting out using various websites.http://www.walkjogrun.net允许您按位置搜索跑步路线。The Strava Global Heatmap (是一个测试工具,显示人们在哪里记录跑步和骑自行车。没有搜索功能,但很容易滚动到某个位置,放大,and see what routes are most popular with the locals.例如,我发现这在美国特别有用,where it's not always reasonable to assume there are pavements or that 必威官网running on the road is safe.


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    Errrr..14 miles PLUS the worlds most vertical mile to get home (granted it was with iced coffees and Aquarius in our hands)

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    喜欢这个博客里的建议,我喜欢这些照片!Looks so beautiful there especially the sunrise photos!Have a wonderful time!!!

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    I wish I'd read some of these tips before I attempted 必威官网running in Istanbul!至少可以说是一场噩梦,ridiculously busy,这么热,这么潮湿的人看着你就像你疯了一样-那里几乎没有跑步者!也就是说,I totally agree,the best way to see a new place is to run it.