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I've never heard 必威betwayabout a more talked about podcast,我无意中听到办公室正在讨论这件事,on the tube and in coffee shops.如果你没听说过,必威betwayclear your weekend,下载最后9集并开始收听。The series tells the true life story of a murder case of Hae Min Lee who was strangled in 1999.Her ex boyfriend Adnan is currently serving a life sentence for murdering her,但他一直坚持自己是清白的。The podcasts are told by Sarah and her team,和调查记者一起翻阅文件,speak to Adnan and other witnesses to try to get to the bottom of what really happened.它是扣人心弦的东西,我向你保证,你将无法帮助提出你自己的理论。

Slate Serial Spoiler Specials

If you become as involved as I have in Serial then you'll start searching out related articles,博客,and you guessed it,播客。This weekly chat explores what went on in each episode of Serial as well as talking to special guests and discussing surrounding topics.


这8-20分钟的谈话将极大地改善你的晚宴聊天。With topics ranging from what life is like as an 89 year old,对于最新的卫星,these funny,提供信息的谈话是最佳的通勤者倾听方式,因为它们的长度刚好合适,不会让你再坐几站地铁,让你听到终点。他们是在世界各地的TED谈话会议上录制的,and so often have slideshows accompanying the talks that you can download on youtube.Choose from Ted Talks Business,艺术,设计,Science and Medicine,健康,新闻和政治,Education,技术,Society and Culture,and Music or a mixture of them all.


You know I love Jillian Michaels- hers was the first podcast I discovered and I've been a loyal listener since.她说的是健康和健身的必威betway混合体,社会,love,和生活。她很滑稽,honest and great long run listening.I'm so excited to go and see her live in January on her tour!!


The only British podcast I listen to,and the only one 必威betwayabout 必威官网running!这个有趣的,舌头在脸颊,信息丰富(但又厚颜无耻)的播客是另一个很好的长期收听,有时会让你大笑不止,以及将比赛添加到您的必做事项列表中!!

Marathon talk podcast



  1. 2014年12月1日/下午4:19

    I also listen to MarathonTalk,i always find the training tips they give invaluable when it comes to training for an event.我最近和教授一起发现了“无限猴笼”。布莱恩·考克斯和一个喜剧演员。一种喜剧和科学的混合体,经常出现在我的头上,i often find myself laughing & learning something scientifically nerdy when out for my run!!

  2. 5th December 2014 / 11:03 pm

    Great post!I've downloaded Serial (after reading all the twitter conversations 必威betwayabout it) and came across the TED talks before just didn't know there were so many!当我被迫使用公共交通工具时,我很高兴我现在有一些富有成效的事情要做!!

  3. 2014年12月6日/12:18 AM

    谢谢你的建议,I was after some more podcasts.

  4. Caramel Latte Kiss

    我也喜欢Jillian Michaels播客。Janice is my favourite!如果你喜欢特德的演讲,I suggest the Ted Radio Hour,which you can get as a podcast.Each podcast has a theme,他们从相关的谈话中提取片段,和演讲者面谈,更深入。总是很吸引人。

  5. 2014年12月19日/ 35点

    +1 for marathontalk and I'd also add the Desert Island Discs archive,一旦你开始通过所有的反馈去听那些你认为你认识的人的精彩故事,这绝对是荒谬的上瘾。Try Dawn French,莉莉艾伦,Robert de Niro … etc.等。等。