Active Adventure Utah



Around the same time I was chosen to take part in a campaign with卡克斯顿卡,the prepaid currency card service,that unlike our British credit and debit cards,doesn't charge you for using your card abroad. In exchange for some adventure spending money,for those holiday essentials like coffee,cookies and In and Out Burger,I took over theCaxton Card instagram分享我们的冒险。如果你能喜欢几张照片(甚至给Caxton厚颜无耻的追随者?!)

It was brilliant to use for small little purchases like coffees,饼干和进出汉堡,without getting multiple charges on my bank statement.也不必担心任何欺诈行为——你知道他们什么时候必威betway会把你的卡拿走,then bring it back for you to sign the receipt without any pin input!,and if you have your card stolen,it's easy to empty the funds.


It was accepted everywhere,不像美国运通,而且不可能更容易使用。I was able to top up while I was away too,and check my balance on the phone app,and keep my spending mostly under control,except for a brief slip up in J Crew Factory.


所以,rewinding a week,lets go back to Denver.我们住在斯泰布里奇套房,IHG酒店的一部分,and a great airport hotel option.时差反应让我们很早就醒过来了,所以我们利用了24小时健身房(早上5点的健身房里挤满了人)。and completed a 25 minuteincline treadmill workout from PBFingers.我没有准备好面对海拔变化的影响——丹佛海拔超过5000英尺。

Next stop was breakfast,and a family tradition of Einstein's bagels,在上路之前。我原计划在西尔弗索恩咖啡店的一个便利的咖啡站去参观J Crew工厂,bought a gold & black Moving Comfort bra and helped my Mum buy some new sports kit.





路上的食物从来都不好吃,but we lucked out with a Chipotle and a great view before driving to our next stop at Grand Junction.我们总共开了9个多小时的车,才到达莫阿布的B&B。It made the perfect base for day trips to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks and Dead Horse State Park.

我有一些有趣的帖子计划分享我们去公园的旅行,必威betway包括我第一次尝试山地自行车,hiking Angels Landing,and 必威官网running through Bryce Canyon.



  1. 2016年9月28日/下午2:48

    That sounds like a wonderful trip!I would have been all over the cream cheese 🙂 My grandma was the same way when she came to visit me in NY – she said it was too much!!

  2. 28th September 2016 / 4:06 pm

    Oooooh I can't wait to hear all 必威betwayabout your trip!I went to Zion and Bryce last spring and had a blast,but haven't made it to the other Utah parks yet!!

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  4. 30th September 2016 / 5:54 pm

    太棒了,你妈妈和继父要搬到新西兰住一段时间!I would love to live in another country for some time.