My Favourite Hiking Gear

I've been fortunate enough to go hiking quite a bit this Summer,当然比我平时做的还要多,我也很喜欢。One of my favourite hikes was to Murphy's Point in峡谷地带,这是一次轻松的3.6英里徒步旅行,但我们完全是自己完成的!!

Mesa Point Canyonlands

峡谷地Murphys Point




峡谷地Murphys Point

The views over the Canyon were incredible,整个地方都很特别。We couldn't believe no one else was out on the trail,尽管我后来读到峡谷地是犹他州参观次数最少的国家公园。I can't believe it,I would say it was my second favourite park (after Zion!)

峡谷地Murphys Point


My Current Favourite Hiking Kit

For both Kilimanjaro and Utah,I mixed in a lot of my regular fitness gear with proper hiking kit.I didn't want to spend a huge amount of money on long sleeve tops etc when there was plenty of 必威官网running kit in my wardrobe that would work just as well.However there were a few key pieces I did get for my trips.


我戴着冰川半拉链小米北面绒乞力马扎罗的每一天,所以我的帐篷伙伴,Katie,我大部分时间都在开我的“新”套衫玩笑。我也把它带到犹他州穿了很多,包括在营火旁做羊肚菌和洒上融化的棉花糖。I'm pretty classy.


Hiking Gear



I was recommended these by my friend Laura,作为拉链裤的一个最讨人喜欢的版本。Millets very kindly provided me with three pairs ofCraghoppers trousersfor my trip;a pair of直的黑色的,,海军拉链a fleece lined pair of black trousersfor summit night.Warning,these trousers do come up quite large and with the added stretch,当你走路的时候一定要扩张。或者也许我只是一天8小时的减重徒步旅行,只吃碳水化合物/巧克力……但是我经常发现自己把裤子举起来。

They were incredibly comfortable,and fitted around the leg to provide a little bit of style,unlike most hiking trousers.But most importantly,它们是功能性的。They stretched to allow me to climb up rocks,they were tough wearing when we climbed down on all fours/our bums,还有很多口袋可以放零食和唇膏。

G Adventures Machame Route Kilimanjaro

我穿的很旧,穿着登山靴,在乞力马扎罗旅行时穿着很旧,没有水泡。幸运的是。然而,I wasn't too keen to lugging those boots out to Utah,所以带了一些ASIC培训师还有一双特瓦靴。

我穿着特瓦靴for our trip to Zion National Park,in particular for their ankle support and grip when climbing Angel's Landing,臭名昭著的惊险远足,他们表现出色。I would say that these are more ‘urban hiking' boots,我不会带他们去真正泥泞的或技术性的徒步旅行,but they worked well for the rocky,我测试了路面和简易的道路条件。


Teva adventure arrowood shoes


I picked up this amazingEddie Bauer rucksack在去犹他州的购物中心。它真的很轻,可以折叠成一个口袋,非常适合旅行或带我去uni。汤姆和我经常在假期带一个背包去参加我们在那里做的任何活动,如果手袋不合适的话,i.e.骑自行车或徒步旅行。When we climbed The Pitons we had to borrow our bus driver's rucksack!!

我在乞力马扎罗山(乞力马扎罗山)上用了我妈妈的花式包。similar here)that actually was a little bigger than I needed,但在健康方面是完美的。It had back support,腰带,还有很多口袋。


I'm looking for a great quality hiking jacket for the autumn/winter months,你有推荐的吗?你最喜欢什么品牌的登山装备??


  1. 埃尔斯佩雷雷

    Have loved reading 必威betwayabout your American adventure!蒙大拿是我最喜欢的登山服装品牌之一,Osprey is my go to for backpacks xxx

  2. 2016年10月5日/晚上9:46

    可爱的图片。always looking for cute hiking clothes.i also have (and love) those bright sweaty betty leggings.太可爱了。