Royal Parks Half Marathon 2016 Race Recap

Why do all of the good races always fall on the same day?星期天是皇家公园的一半,Oxford Half and Henley Half – all of which I wanted to run.

But Royal Parks Half is the best half I've ever run,所以我不会让再次运行它的机会过去。人群,the course and the atmosphere of the race are not dissimilar to the London Marathon,aka awesome.And when Nike offered to provide my own personal pacer,I was completely sold.

I didn't provide myself with the best pre-race preparation,spending Saturday at the Hind's Head in Bray eating and drinking,before a group of friends came back to our house in Henley for more drinks and cake (I stuck to the soft drinks).I kicked them out just after 9pm and went to bed

住在伦敦以外的地方意味着比赛早上比平时要长一点,早上6点警报,before driving the 45mins to Chiswick and hopping on the tube.Thankfully I made to the Nike bag drop with time to meet up with Mags,my pacer for the day.

我们周四进行了一次练习赛,check out pace and race day plan.The goal was to start slow,finish fast,I'd be happy with anything sub 2.

Royal Parks Half Marathon with Nike

Royal Parks Half Marathon with Nike

我们的前三英里还不到9分钟,当我们从海德公园出发时,down the Mall,围绕着马队的游行。I spotted my amazing Mum around the 2 mile mark before we turned right and ran towards Big Ben.

Royal Parks Half Marathon with Nike

We picked up the pace from that point,下降到最小8.30英里,and continued it on until mile 11 (with the exception of mile 8,我想是经过海德公园一个拥挤的地段)。这条路线把我们带到了原路的尽头,在那里我们可以看到那些跑得很快的人。

I felt awesome,I was smiling,欢笑,热爱比赛。那是我很高兴在阳光下跑步的日子,必威官网通过一个城市,我爱,被其他跑步者包围。I felt so lucky to be 必威官网running,对我来说最重要的是,没有受伤,to be enjoying it.自从去年10月芝加哥以来,I haven't had the spark in my brain,legs or lungs,but it has finally,finally returned!!

我们的步伐很轻松,I wasn't breathing heavily and Mags kept having to reign me in.We ran back past my Mum at the 5 mile mark,by Buckingham Palace,穿过绿色公园。

Royal Parks Half Marathon with Nike

Royal Parks Half Marathon with Nike

Entering Hyde Park was like a burst of energy as the crowds thickened,尖叫着,为跑步者加油。The sun was blazing,and it felt pretty hot.I took my Gu gel at mile 7,and water at pretty much every aid station (thank you to the amazing volunteers cheering us on and handing out water/Lucozade,你真的让这个活动与众不同!).

Royal Parks Half Marathon with Nike

Royal Parks Half Marathon with Nike

我妈妈在9英里处,cheering in her bright pink coat,so I ran up and gave her a sweaty hug and ran off.9-11英里有点人迹罕至,tight corners and rather narrow paths,but still an easy feeling pace.(YES!!8.30 has felt anything but easy recently!(见表1)

Mile 12 was an 8.12 mile,当时13岁是7.54岁。当我们跑完800米后,我跑了起来——也许有点太快了——冲刺到了终点。in a 6.57 pace.Absolutely nailed the negative splits!!

我知道我没开过铅球,but I wanted to finish strong,and I did,in 1.54.16.A huge confidence boost before the New York City Marathon in a months time.




  1. 泰尼克琼斯
    11th October 2016 / 1:52 pm

    Glad you had a great run,在帝国理工学院完成学位后,我真的想有一天能完成这个任务。

  2. 2016年10月11日/下午4:45

    多棒的比赛啊,查理!Of all the London half marathons,这是一个我希望我有机会参加的活动——那该死的彩票!也许将来某个时候……

  3. 11th October 2016 / 5:55 pm

    loved the t-shirt,in case anyone didn't know 🙂 good practice for your 2017 HIM…ouch

  4. 2016年10月11日/8:52 PM

    Sounds like your training for the New York Marathon is going so well!Very jealous that you are injury free and loving it….I can't seem to shake off a dodgy knee (poor me!(见表1)
    Great post Charlie 🙂

  5. Rachel
    12th October 2016 / 2:36 pm

    今年我第一次管理皇家公园,也是我下半年才管理的。我明年还报名了两个,Bristol & Ironbridge.I only hope they are as lovely.This was such a great event I really hope to do it again some day.

  6. 13th October 2016 / 3:08 pm

    Sounds like a really fun race.You are ready to have a great race in NYC after that tune up and confidence builder.Congrats.

    • charlotte
      14th October 2016 / 10:55 am

      Thanks Pam!How as your Disney Paris race??

  7. 17th October 2016 / 2:18 pm

    this sounds like an awesome race.你喜欢有自己的起搏器吗?did you guys chat the whole time?你以前见过吗??