‘Don't worry,他们会嫉妒的。

One of the conversations between Zoe and I in the build up to the start of the New York City marathon.我们选择在史坦顿岛渡轮码头上使用浴室,而不是在起点区域的门上厕所里冒险,which may have been the wrong decision.

It turns out the 10 minute buses from the ferry port to the start zone ended up taking close to an hour,leaving us very very late to get in to our start corrals.In fact,they were closing as we ran through,扔掉我们那可笑的废弃衣服,and made the wrong decision 必威betwayabout a last minute wee.

New York City marathon

所以我们及时赶到起跑线去听“纽约,纽约',but not enough time to get properly nervous 必威betwayabout the 26.2 miles ahead…

Back in 2013,我们俩都是在走廊桥的底部开始纽约马拉松比赛的,but wow what a difference it makes being on the top in those first two miles.The sun was shining,每个人都兴高采烈,and we had the most insane view across New York.

The plan was to run negative splits (ha,isn't that always THE PLAN) and to keep our first uphill mile around 10.30,before dropping down to around 10.05 until mile 16,then drop it down to a 9.45 until mile 20,在把速度降到9.40及以下之前。

New York City marathon

It felt hot out there before we'd even started,so we knew it was important to keep our pace right early on and to hydrate regularly.Both of us had opted for handheld water bottles that we'd refill at regular water stations along the way rather than attempting to drink out of the cups.

We kept a conservative pace on the way up the Verazzano bridge,around 10.30,虽然这很自然地在通往布鲁克林的一英里下坡上出现。I always forget how massive Brooklyn is,and just how many miles of the marathon are spent 必威官网running through it's streets.

Our first spectator wasAshleyat mile 7,so until then we focused on sticking to the middle of the road,hugging the blue line as close as possible and keeping the pace around 10.05.


We definitely sped up a little too much with the excitement of seeing Ashley on the course,hugging,喝彩,合影,我们必须努力降低心率,然后让F平静下来。

我们知道我们会见到达伦,佐伊的男朋友,and her two friends Holly and Kirsty just after mile 8 so focused on breathing easily and getting back into a rhythm.

穿过8英里和9英里的地方真的很拥挤,必威官网观众蜂拥上街,为赛跑者缩小了道路。它变得非常幽闭恐怖,很难跟上我们周围那么多跑步者的步伐,and our mile 8 pace was around 10.30 – slower than we were hoping for.

New York City Marathon

布鲁克林的其他地方弥漫着一股法国油炸食品的味道,11月项目供水站,incredible supporters and amusing banners,and before we knew it,我们在皇后区。

I honestly don't remember much of Queens,those miles were a countdown to what we knew was ahead….Queensborough Bridge.There was also a little surprise bridge thrown in at mile 13 that neither of us had remembered and was not an enjoyable surprise.必威官网Running across it there was a runner on the floor,not in a good way,接受医学治疗,并把事情弄清楚,we were still 必威官网running strong and enjoying the race,and should count ourselves lucky to be in a good place.


Zoe absolutely smashed it on the bridge,she'd run in five times in training runs and was ready to nail it – I just had to keep up.它很长,但不太陡——第一大道上迎接你的“噪音墙”肯定会有帮助。

I'd expected our pace to naturally increase as we hit mile 17 and 18,and the crowds of Manhattan,but they didn't.这就是我们应该加快速度的地方,dropping down to a 9.50 – however this was easier said than done.我们在这里的实际分拆接近10.20分,it was going to be a struggle to finish in our A goal time.


Last time Tom and his parents were waiting for high fives and support at mile 18,这一次我没有,但我确实有一个难以置信的播放列表,汤姆让我为比赛。这是一次完美的精神提升,就在进入布朗克斯区并跑完20英里之前。It was also great to see Megan and some of Zoe's friends at this point.I also bumped into Gia on the course and gave her a big sweaty hug – somehow that mum of three manages to look glamourous at mile 20.5 during a marathon like it's NBD.

New York City marathon 2016

I was still feeling OKish at this point,and pleased not to have ‘hit the wall' but my bladder was becoming increasingly uncomfortable.我意识到我需要不断补充水分和燃料,尤其是当我饿了,所以肯定需要我的Huma凝胶(我爱它,并且正式转化为)。I think I need to eat more pre-marathon next time!!

By mile 21 it had become clear that we needed to run 9 min miles to reach our A goal.I had started to cramp and knew that I needed to wee,而且我的膝盖有点脆,and with Tokyo marathon only 100 days away,我害怕推它。I told Zoe to go for it,to push her pace and see what she had left… and I ran directly to the nearest bathroom.

不幸的是,抽筋没有消退,在过去的三年里,我记录了我最慢的英里数。I made it up mile 23 and fifth avenue without walking,不过,我确实要在公园里走几次路,trying to stretch out my side.

New York City marathon 2016

In 2013 I ran my heart out through those Central Park hills,但这一次我只是没有把它放在心里,精神上或身体上。I was ready to be done.But I was determined to cross the finish line smiling…

and I did just that.4.29.17 – my second slowest marathon but an incredible experience and a huge amount of fuel to the fire for Tokyo training.


Watch my video from the race…


  1. 10th November 2016 / 7:20 am

    LOVE IT.听起来比赛很棒,绝对在我的名单上。真不敢相信你跑了21英里需要一点精神病!Huge well done to Zoe for her epic PB 👏🏼

  2. 10th November 2016 / 12:47 pm

    外面真的很暖和!And the Queensboro bridge was brutal but nice run overall!恭喜!!

  3. 10th November 2016 / 2:25 pm

    I absolutely love these GoPro pics – such a great idea!恭喜又一场精彩的马拉松!I can't wait to follow your Tokyo training!!

  4. 2016年11月10日/下午3:25

    Great recap and video!I still need to write mine and get my video together 🙂
    I got teary again watching you cross that finish,就像上周一样。It is just such an amazing feeling and journey to get to that finish.恭喜!!

  5. Chiswickmum

    任何马拉松都是一项巨大的成就。Just like exam grades,no-one really asks your time,especially when you can say it was your sixth or seventh Marathon!干得好,真的很怀念在人群中的感觉。XX号

  6. 12th November 2016 / 12:23 pm

    Awesome pacer job Charlie!How many of the ‘majors' have you done now??

  7. 2016年11月13日/下午5:21

    Congratulations!这是多么巨大的成就——迫不及待地想知道东京。必威betwayBoth ones for the bucket list!!

  8. 2016年11月14日/上午7:46

    做得好!I love following all your training and write ups.I've just signed up for my first marathon 😱!祝东京训练好运!!X

  9. 2016年11月14日/下午1:53

    Congratulations!这次马拉松是一个巨大的成就,you are so strong!精彩的照片和视频。Love You!!

  10. 2016年11月14日/下午7:55

    looks like you two had a blast.congrats on finishing NY!!