How Does Your 必威官网Running Kit Make You Feel??

How does your 必威官网running kit make you feel??


他们从衣柜里掉出来,chest of drawers and lay in piles.(我很乱!)这对我和汤姆来说都是压力的来源,我经常要做挑选捐献,give away and recycle.

When I had the idea to sell some of the clothes I didn't wear to raise money for the California CampFire fund,I pulled out a few items,大多是我以前没穿的衣服。They sold so quickly,我第二次(第三次)更无情地穿过我的衣柜。我有很多东西不穿,either because they didn't fit properly,they weren't quite right for what I needed them for (leggings without pockets…no thanks),they didn't suit me,or I had very similar items already.

And we raised nearly £500 for those affected by the California Campfire.


但更重要的是,有少量可供选择的项目。不扎腰的紧身裤(在我所学的所有品牌中,我都不算小)。or that are see through so can't be worn to the gym/yoga/infront of people.不需要每三步就拆一次的上衣,这不会让我觉得自己身体不舒服。最重要的是,提供足够支撑且不会摩擦的胸罩。

I've always thought that there was a certain ‘look' for instagram fitness pics,配套的胸罩上衣和紧身裤……但实际上,我不喜欢穿那个(我也不喜欢穿那个)。所以我抛弃了他们,and kept just two drawers that I narrowed my sports kit down to (I know,仍然很多,我最喜欢的东西让我感觉最棒。

It seems I'm not alone in feeling that a workout in clothes that make me feel good make for a better workout!!

Current Faves;;

  • 黛安芬三联运动内衣
  • 高腰黑色/海军蓝紧身裤-带口袋
  • Mid-thigh tight shorts
  • Pro Compression长袜或Feetures脚踝袜
  • Tank
  • 1/2 zip long sleeve or round neck long sleeve

These are the items I go to time and again,所以,除了防水夹克,一些保暖紧身裤/长袖,它们是我抽屉里所有的东西。没有更多的紧身裤,让我觉得太大,or short,或者我的胸部太笨重了。再也没有便宜的布料了,or itch.我在投资一些能让我跑得更好的东西,这让我感觉…好多了。更快。更强。

听起来很傻,but it really does.当我穿上我最爱的衣服去跑步时,我觉得战无不胜。

I know that workout gear can be expensive,我为花太多钱在上面而感到内疚。事实上,I spend £100+ on a pair of Lululemon leggings,但买一条牛仔裤最多要付40英镑。But for me,为我要流血的东西支付额外的费用是值得的(今天早上之后-查看我的Insta故事了解更多信息)。sweat and tears into.也会期待这么多。

我买的东西让我感觉很棒。把我关在正确的地方,奉承我的身体,that enhance my workout rather than hindering it.经得起风的衣服,下雨,20 milers,跟踪会议和很多泥!!

How many items do you have in your wardrobe that you don't wear?一天*的时间,that don't quite fit right,或者你希望有一天能达到合适的尺寸?或者你觉得买东西有罪的东西,那很贵,但你不穿…(或者我是唯一有罪的人吗?!(见表1)

你想买什么健身器材?What pieces are you loving right now??


  1. 米兰达
    3rd December 2018 / 1:00 am

    谢谢你-真的!Totally agree,运动胸罩和全长紧身裤组合看起来像这样instagram"看,我不认识真正穿这个的人!有没有机会把你最喜欢的中大腿紧身短裤(边口袋的奖励)凑到一起——这是在找我!!

  2. Ali

    我同意找到不搭便必威betway车的衬衫或不掉下的短裤。我发现当我找到最喜欢的跑步装时,我会一次又一次地穿它。必威官网I think for the past year my favorites have been a pair of Oiselle shorts and striped tank-top.我几乎每次比赛和长跑都穿着它们。这可能是好的,因为现在是冬天,所以我终于给这两件衣服一个急需的休息!!

  3. 2018年12月5日/上午5:34

    我同意。finding what makes you comfortable is very important.

  4. 2018年12月7日/晚上9:49

    I definitely have favourite kit and seem to wear the same tops and shorts again and again.I have a ‘lucky' race outfit and feel quite stressed out if I can't wear it for whatever reason.我很想让露露莱蒙重新推出唯一的训练短裤和真正有用的口袋。I'd treat myself to several pairs.

    • charlotte
      2018年12月7日/9:59 PM

      I feel the same way 必威betwayabout those shorts!将他们带回LULULEMON !!!

  5. 2018年12月8日/晚上9:11

    我挑选了一些一天”shirts as start line layers,but I swear finding the perfect shorts/pants is near impossible.我从来都不在乎有口袋的紧身裤,必威betway但我现在找到了他们”必要的”.Congrats on a successful fundraiser

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