My friends and I were chatting yesterday about how one of the things we have found tough was that the inability to plan ANYTHING. No weekend mini breaks, no summer holidays and no international travel. Obviously there’s a really good reason for it but it doesn’t stop the wanderlust!

As with the rest of the world, we’ve been at home (or nearby) for months on end. And I’m very excited to travel a little further afield. My travel buck list is long, and usually I choose far flung destinations like尼泊尔andHawaii经常远眺的位置更接近远处像欧洲,甚至在英国范围内。我不得不承认,虽然我曾经花了很多时间在英国作为一个孩子。最近我一直选择到国外旅游时,我有时间休息。

However, following travel influencers like my friends Charlie and Jess at旅游项目,帮助睁开眼睛的美丽英伦三岛之内,当然磨我的胃口英格兰,苏格兰,爱尔兰和威尔士内探索更多。我问他们分享一些自己喜欢的英国加息对于那些(像我)寻找积极的冒险!


Like many of you, we’re not great at being stuck in one place for too long. And so we’ve been itching to get exploring again as lockdown has finally started to ease here in the UK.随着周围国外旅行的不确定性,我们一直在使用这个时候被发掘更多英国 - 一个令人难以置信的一组岛屿,我们觉得是太经常被忽视。所以,当查理问我们分享我们的首要秘诀英国翘尾因素是提醒一些我们喜欢的冒险迄今为止的自己一个很好的机会。





Holkham Beach Best UK hikes


Norfolk Miles and miles of vast sandy beaches and a surprising lack of tourists. This stretch of Norfolk coastline has to be one of our favourite for beach walks. Instead of starting your walk from the Holkham car park, we actually suggest putting ‘Sand Dunes’ into your Google Maps which will take you 5 minutes further down the road. Here you can walk to the beach across a wooden boardwalk which will take you through the National Nature Reserve, famous for it’s birdlife and amazing to watch at any time of day.

Once you get to the dunes, there’s still plenty more to explore… at the far end of the beach on your right is a vast pine forest that runs into the sand which highly recommend exploring and the dunes themselves offer the perfect spot for a picnic before a dip in the sea. If you’re lucky with the weather, the sunset over the water as you cross the reserve on the way home is nothing short of incredible.

STAC Pollaidh

苏格兰苏格兰已为许多我们喜爱的英国探险的设置。但是,如果我们从这里挑一个加息这将是加息的Stac Pollaidh。当谈到功夫VS回报,这个加息是一个明显的赢家。在相当短的,但加息陡后,(不要误以为这是在公园里漫步虽然)你到达山顶,从这些意见是壮观。我们徒步的Stac Pollaidh在仲冬;如果你在每年的这个时候做旅行过的,予以警告,天气是非常多变。风在顶部强大到足以把你把你的脚,如果你不小心!这就是说它也使一个令人难以置信的喜怒无常和优美的风景和苏格兰这样做很好。360度全景的崇山峻岭和华丽的湖泊。



With an appetite for adventure and off-the-beaten-track experiences, the Cotswolds wouldn’t be our usual go to destination for a hike. However, the beautiful rolling-hills, fields of golden crops and quintessential villages here offer something a bit different. And are a great way to spend a day/ afternoon out and about without overexerting yourself. We don’t have one particular walk to recommend here. Because there’s a vast network of trails that meander between the villages. Meaning, you can find something to suit your needs depending on the time your have, of whether, like us you plan to finish your walk with a delicious pub lunch and beer in the sun at one of the many cosy country pubs there.



达特穆尔当这些困境我们第一次看到他们的照片看起来像是某种场景从指环王。古代,苔藓覆盖的树木,弯曲和周围的巨石纠缠在几乎类似人类的形状奇特 - 创造一个神秘和非常吸引人的视线。而看到他们在现实生活中只加剧了这种感觉。不同的是参天橡树你通常会看到,这些“发育不良的橡树”的缩影,扭曲,弯折和苔藓覆盖的创建这个神奇的设置。有些树木超过400岁,是所有剩下的站在曾经是一个广阔的森林。从两桥停车场短短15分钟的步行路程。这是一个必须看到,如果你在国内的这部分发现自己。

对于那些想要更长的散步,你可以从树林中继续走东北探索特尔斯。与Longaford Tor的第一起,在那里你可以欣赏到荒原的迷人景色。有一个数字,你可以从这里不同的路线。根据您想保留多久探索。要关闭顶部的事情,达特穆尔是留在英格兰的唯一的地方,你可以野生阵营,成为我们最喜​​爱的景点换去离网几天之一。

我们在这里可供选择在英国- 4在此ies, 10 national parks and thousands of miles of coastline providing a wide variety of gorgeous hikes to cater for all appetites for adventure. And with Covid changing international travel for the foreseeable future at least, there has never been a better time to start exploring what’s on our doorstep.’




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    Absolutely hiking in the Cotswolds. Whenever I head out to the Cotswolds I either stay in Bourton on the Water or Stow-on-the-Wold. There are a few incredible AirBNBs that I’ve stayed at there too. Nothing like a little get away from London when on a trip overseas!

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    Scotland is the best place for hiking!