如何看待布道台没有人群: Sunrise Hike Pulpit Rock


When I first started researching a trip to Stavanger, Norway, Preikestolen (also known as Pulpit Rock) came up in almost every recommendation. It’s one of the most well known hikes in the area. Made even more popular after Tom Cruise scaled it during ‘Fallen’ (there was also a film screening up there!).

However, the problem with popularity is that it comes with crowds which make this breathtaking rock overlooking Lysefjord…not quite so peaceful.



  • 在岩石上露营过夜
  • Sunrise Hike
  • 旅行out of season (peak season is June – August)

Since I nearly froze in a tent in my friends garden a few weeks ago, we opted out of the camping trip (although I have to say, if I invested in some warmer equipment I would totally be up for that in the future) and signed up for a sunrise hike with户外生活挪威。The tour cost 1390 NOK, about £120/$150 so it was not cheap but included transport from our hotel, a tour guide and equipment, hot drink and snacks at the top plus breakfast at a lodge afterwards. You could definitely complete this hike without a guide if you had a car and a head-torch as the route is easy to follow and well signposted.


我们降落到机场斯塔万格在10:30。拿起驾驶室我们的酒店,并在床上由23:30 ...。随着一上午01时20分报警设置。不到理想的,但由于今年来降低游客数量,它的日出加息正在运行的唯一的早晨。必威官网因此,我们决定放弃睡眠这个令人难以置信的开始我们的挪威语之旅。

You’ll be notified of your pick-up location and time directly by the tour company and varies due to time of year. (You can get a little bit of a lie-in if you opt to stay at Preikestolen Mountain Lodge at the start of the trail.) The drive from Stavanger takes around an hour and we all had to wear masks in the bus. Luckily at that time of the morning, sleep comes quickly. And so the trip was over in the blink of an overtired eye.

There’s a loo in the shop where you’ll get prepped for the hike, and you can borrow hiking poles (we actually didn’t need these but are free on the tour), eat aquick breakfastand get to know your fellow hikers.



古道的第一部分是一个陡坡和我们的导游掀起以迅猛的速度,测试我们的健康水平。我们组的速度方面被分裂。所以这让先导,以确定我们应该走什么样的速度,以确保我们做到了日出。这条古道是“易和家庭友好” - 但这是挪威语标准。如果你更习惯在美国或英国远足,你可能会容易什么是惊讶。但它只有一个合理的健身水平完全可控。

Roundtrip the hike is around 4.7 miles and takes between 4-5 hours for most hikers.

It alternates between sections of easy, flat trail and stairs build of uneven rocks. You’re hiking through pine trees with occasional lakes and lookouts over the forests. Bring your swimmers if you’re hiking in the heat of the day. We saw people skinny dipping and it looked very refreshing.




We wished we had asked our guide more questions about the local flora and fauna. As well as the local area on our walk. He wasn’t very forthcoming with information however he was great at leading our group. And very patient for different speeds. And wanted everyone to get there together so we all hiked as one big group.




Unfortunately, despite a very clear starry sky on our hike up, there wasn’t much of a sunrise. The light was gorgeous but we didn’t get the golden glow over Preikestolen that we’d been hoping for. We heard from our guide that it had rained the day prior. So we were glad to get a glimpse of the fjord.

You need to be prepared for the weather at the top as when you stop moving it can get a bit chilly and rather windy.

We were given a mug of delicious hot juice, a bit like ribena, plus a bag of nuts at the top. But I’d pack extra snacks to eat on the way up and at the top. And don’t forget to bring plenty of water.

sunrise hiking

We hiked the trail when Norway is off limits to a lot of international travellers which means crowds were even lower than they could have been during a summer sunrise hike. Our guide said that 50% of their groups are usually Americans. Whereas our small group of 6 were made up of Germans and Swedes.


sunrise hiking


  1. 凯蒂
    21st August 2020 / 9:35 pm

    This was a really informative post Charlie, thank you – amazing views too! If we ever make it there then I shall remember your tip about the back option to avoid the cliff – I would definitely have wobbly legs!

  2. W. Purves
    22nd August 2020 / 12:22 pm

    非常有趣 - 做得好。

  3. Chiswickmum
    22nd August 2020 / 1:35 pm

    I’ve missed your travel posts! Yay for this one. Is that picture of you and others hiking up near a chain fence the Cliff Edge Option, or just a normal section of the hike?

    • charlotte
      29th August 2020 / 4:04 pm

      that’s part of the cliff walk but there are other parts without the fence!