Tips for Coming Back to Running After a Break

Tips for Coming Back to Running After a Break

Tips for Coming Back to Running After a Break

Anyone that has had to take some time off running, either due to injury, pregnancy, work, personal circumstances, race cancellation or having just fallen out of love with the sport for a bit, will know that restarting is hard.

It can be easy to feel deflated when you think about how fast you were in the past, how easily you used to complete that loop, or how you used to run a half marathon like it was no big deal.

But the way I’m trying to think about it, is that Igetto start again. Although I know it doesn’t always feel this way. I get to build back up from practically zero, fixing my weaknesses, enjoying the process and becoming (hopefully) a faster, strong runner.

I asked for advice on IG from those of you that have come back to running after some time off to see what you struggled with most, and crucially, what tips you’d share with those returning to running;

Stop Comparing Yourself To Yourself

Whilst it can be helpful to know you’ve been able to run a certain pace before, so you should have extra confidence that you can get there again. It can also be incredibly disheartening to constantly compare yourself to where you used to be. A number of runners have suggested deleting old PBs from your watch or removing Strava from your phone.

Be Patient


Tips for Coming Back to Running After a Break

Run for Fun

I am guilty of sometimes feeling like Ihaveto run or that Ishould运行,当最终我享受跑步的乐趣,享受自己和放松。这是一个爱好!这是我需要更经常地记住了,我知道我不是唯一的一个。取下手表,探索新的路径,请下载新的播客(try this episode with Becs Gentry on Cook Eat Run) or listen to a great playlist and just zone out and enjoy your surroundings.

Be Consistent

Commit to running a certain number of days per week, or miles over the week and try to stick to it. That’s ok if it’s two days per week, or 2 miles per day for 4 days, or 20 miles over 5 days. Whatever that looks like for you, but try to stick with it, building up the mileage slowly. Consistency is what builds strength, endurance, speed and stamina. Consistency is key for race training, whatever distance you’re looking to build up to.

Focus on your WHY


Focus on your为什么when things get tricky, if you’re finding that you’re lacking in motivation or you are finding things mentally or physically challenging.

Ignore your Pace

So many people suggested leaving your watch at home or covering the pace so that you don’t stress too much about it. I also love to use a Run/Walk strategy, then it feels like only 4 mins of running at a time (and not quite so overwhelming). It also forces me to slow down and disregard pace as it includes the 1 min walking breaks too. Speed will come back, and although I like to inject bursts of speed using myPeloton outdoor guided runsduring the week, but these are all based on time and perceived effort rather than pace.

Tips for Coming Back to Running After a Break

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Think about your Ultimate Goal

What is your ultimate running goal and why did you set it? I’ve had a goal to Boston Qualify since 2015,I ran the Chicago marathon that year and failed miserably at my goal!之后,又失败了两次…但是我哈ve managed to knock 11 minutes off my marathon time in those years. This BIG goal helps me stick with the smaller goals, knowing each training run is ultimately taking me closer to that BQ.

Hard days Hard, Easy Days Easy

Do not ignore the easy days, these might need to be easier than in the past. It all feels kind of hard when you start again. So it’s important that you listen to your body and take things slow when you need.

This is the same philosophy I take when marathon training, doing my speed workouts and strength on the same days so that I can take the easy days, really easy.

Have Smaller Goals along the Way to Your Big Goal

Yes the end goal is important, whether that’s to finish your first marathon or complete a 5K, or run a BQ. But that goal can sometimes feel a long way off so setting yourself smaller goals, such as to run a certain distance non-stop, to run a certain mileage or number of days per week, can help on the way to that BIG goal. Maybe that’s reducing your tempo pace, increasing your 1 mile rep speed or getting a 10K/half PB on your way to a marathon PB.

My current goal is to run 30 mile weeks consistently throughout the month of July. Whilst that won’t be a lot to many people, right now it seems like a lot so I’ve been building up my mileage, week by week, throughout May and June.

How to Get back to running after some time off

Create A Support Network

If you’re coming back from an injury (or even if you aren’t) having a trusted physio, a go-to for sports massage if that’s your thing, podiatrist or osteopath. Whatever it takes for you to stay healthy and injury free as you build up your mileage. This also includes supportive non-runners, running buddies to keep you company or push you out of your comfort zone again. Honestly the instagram community have been the best support ever to help encourage me through the weeks where I’ve been struggling to run, and even more so as I build back up!

Use the Comeback to Work on Your Weaknesses

Do you skip your strength workouts? Forget to make time to stretch/rehab? Are you guilty of ignoring your recovery? Coming ‘back’ gives you the opportunity to start again, to include these key parts of training into your week. When you increase your mileage, injury is a real possibility so it’s even more important to focus on areas of previous weakness to help you become a stronger runner.

How to Get back to running after some time off

Find a Training Plan or Coach


Check out my post about thePros and Cons of Working with an Online Running Coach


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    16th June 2020 / 3:04 pm

    I love the resetting the PB’s on your watch. I think this can be so helpful to see myself rehitting those PB’s versus constantly trying to compare to my old ones.